Nourishing the Soul Online, Part 3

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This week, the websites described below focus specifically on spirituality.  The sites were chosen and the descriptions written by Eleanor McCloskey, CND.  Eleanor has been a member of the Congregation of Notre Dame for over sixty years and has a passion for education, particularly when it comes to incorporating the insights of scientific inquiry with religion.

Many CNWE members have benefited from Catholic educational settings and have read widely in theological, historical and spiritual literature.  Keeping abreast of the latest developments in these areas is made easier through the use of online resources.

Joan Chittister

Spirituality and Practice

Joan Chittister’s website provides a point of view with a difference. The Spirituality and Practice website features some of Joan’s materials but also includes a wide range of resources for the spiritual journey including e-courses and a spiritual literacy blog.

The Spiritual Exercises
The Spiritual Exercises are a compilation of meditations, prayers, and contemplative practices developed by St. Ignatius Loyola to help people deepen their relationship with God.

Center for Action and Contemplation
Father Richard Rohr’s website offers diverse resources, including a daily email that provides a contemplative break in a hectic day.

Diarmuid O’Murchu
Diarmuid O’Murchu offering ideas on adult faith development.

Elephants in the Living Room
This site has various downloads available on current topics including Joan Chittister’s talks. There are many short articles on a variety of church issues.

Center for the Story of the Universe
The resources on this site include writing from Thomas Berry and Brian Swimme which open us to the wonder and awe of the natural universe.

Spirituality Today Archive
The internet is not only for all things new but a tremendous depository of spiritual wisdom.  This site contains the archives from a Dominican internet journal of spirituality.  For example, check out the article by Nadine Foley on Catherine of Sienna’s Wisdom and Spirituality, Fall 1991, Vol.43 No.3, pp. 204-219.