About CNWE


Since 1981, Catholic Network for Women’s Equality (CNWE) has offered a vision of church that is renewing and open to all! Under the organization’s original name, Canadian Catholics for Women’s Ordination , members were inspired to work for the ordination of women in the framework of the Catholic church. In 1988, however, our focus was broadened to include equality for women in all aspects of church and society and a name change to Catholic Network for Women’s Equality took place that reflected this wider perspective. A summary of our first 20 years as a movement can be found here.

Our membership is diverse and geographically spread out across Canada. We embody CNWE’s vision of “Being the Change we Seek” both as individuals and in CNWE local groups in our various communities. New members are encouraged to join existing Local groups, or take the initiative to develop CNWE in communities that are not represented. We gather to pray, learn, celebrate, support one another and work for positive change together. Our National Work Group (NWG) is comprised of members from various regions in Canada and together they facilitate and communicate the priorities of CNWE that develop out of our annual conference. They model new forms of inclusive leadership in their processing and decision making. Read our constitution. We are a not-for-profit corporation and registered in Ontario.

Our stories and thoughts are reflected in a seasonal Newsletter, The Seed Keepers and we network with and inform one another and our global sisters through an active e-list message board. Bonds are also strengthened by an annual conference, held in varying communities in Canada, where members meet to celebrate, learn and renew the vision!

Vision                                                                                                                       Justice and equality for all persons manifested in word and action in the Catholic church and throughout the world.

Mission                                                                                                                           As a Canadian organization, we connect, support and represent people who seek justice for all the baptized within the Catholic church, for women throughout the world and for all of creation.

Core values                                                                                                              inclusivity, creativity, celebration, compassion, solidarity, collaboration, dialogue