CNWE is “Reaching Out! in 2012-2013!

Reaching Out is the name we have given to the project affirmed by CNWE’s
2012 AGM.  The project envisions visits/conversations taking place in Spring 2013 in Canadian locations where our membership is sparse or non-existent.  To prepare for
this outreach a team of five CNWE members has begun to meet through conference calls to lay out the infrastructure that will allow the visits to take place, i.e. locations, help on the ground, financing . . . These are challenging times.  Needs are greater than ever.  How are we as CNWE members called to be of service in these times?
After 30 years of supporting the giftedness of women and gathering in circles of
prayer, learning, and action, our call may well be to reach out and offer the same possibilities to women who may not know what is available to them.  Holding visits where we have few members, listening to concerns, and offering what we have to offer is the goal of CNWE Reaching Out. A strengthened voice for change is worth reaching for.
Making this work from coast to coast to coast will require the minds and hearts and hands of us all.  Ours are the hands that reach out to pray, to bless, to invite, to initiate, to support, to hold.  How would you and your local group like to participate?  Here are a few suggestions:
*  contact a member/members of the Reaching Out team, hold a conversation, offer
*  if you are a member of a local CNWE group, explore ideas for ways for your group to participate,
*  give a gift subscription of The Seed Keepers to someone you know who lives in an
area of sparse CNWE membership,
*  if you have daughters or granddaughters, invite them to a conversation, hear their
issues, share yours.

Reaching Out
For the lives of women,
For a church that is just and accountable,
For the earth, its health and future.