CNWE New Brunswick Annual Purple Stole Vigil 2012

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Read the CTV News coverage of the New Brunswick Purple Stole Event below:

CTV New Brunswick Coverage of Purple Stole Event

The New Brunswick chapter of CNWE held its annual Purple Stole Vigil in support of women’s equality in the Catholic Church on the Tuesday of Holy Week, April 3, 2012.  The annual Vigil takes place in front of the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Saint John New Brunswick immediately prior to the Chrism mass. At this mass the priests of the diocese gather to renew their vows, and the sacramental oils to be used throughout the liturgical year are blessed and distributed to representatives of every parish in the diocese.

Prior to the Vigil, 27 women and men, members and supporters of CNWE from around the province gathered in a facility near the cathedral.   Following a brown bag lunch and a time to socialize we entered into a prayer service which lead us into our silent vigil. We proceeded in silence to the front of the Cathedral with our banner, and signs where we stood in silence for the hour preceding the mass.

As we stood in our silent vigil we handed out the CNWE brochure to anyone who wished to engage us in conversation while maintaining our silence.  We did receive a couple of negative comments but received more, quietly supportive comments.