Rome Reflections Day 1 – CNWE members at Synod

Image of Wisdom Sophia from the 1200's in Matera, Puglia, Italy

As we come off of a 10 day relaxing but adventure filled tour of southern Italy along the Adriatic Sea, we begin to turn our thoughts and our intentions toward our week in Rome. Our faithful car we dubbed Rosa (because of all the rose we consumed on our tour) returned and we board our train into Rome with some trepidation but mostly excitement and anticipation. We eagerly look forward to the friendships we will deepen within our own group and new friends from around the world who have come to be counted. We anticipate standing shoulder to shoulder with the many reform groups “we are here-see and hear us.”

We come with a stance of joyful hopefulness and an expectation of good things. Tomorrow our Canadian contingent (9 of us) will gather in Rome after months of planning. We are extending an invitation of hospitality to the Canadian Synodal delegates to share a meal and dialogue, hopefully later in the week. A chance to listen and be heard over pizza!

The CNWE group will be providing daily posts on our activities in Rome from those with feet on the ground. We come with the prayers and hopes and dreams from our communities and beyond. We are so grateful. Andiamo.

Jeanie McKibbon and Nancy Quan are friends from Calgary with a shared passion for good food, good wine, good community and knitting.