Rome Reflections Day 2 – CNWE members at Synod

Sunset view from the rooftop of where we are staying

October 2.

We have arrived in Rome on the eve of the synod. Our Canadian CNWE contingent is here and the mood amongst our group is hopeful and determined. We are struck by the resolve of these women and men who love their faith but have been hurt by their Church. That echoes for us too. It’s not anger that brings us all here but rather determination that things can be different and that we can be part of the change. For if not us, then who?

We are inspired by the words of Pope Francis at the ceremony for the creation of the new Cardinals in which he said:

“Diversity is necessary; it is indispensable. However, each sound must contribute to the common design,” Continuing with the metaphor of an orchestra he continued “This is why mutual listening is essential: each musician must listen to the others.”

Banners we will wear on our shirts for some events

So on this eve of the opening of the synods we are hopeful that all voices will be heard and considered. We have various events planned over the next several days in collaboration with other reform minded groups from around the world.  We will stand in solidarity, shoulder to shoulder, with these groups. We look ahead with gratitude to all the woman who gone before us working for justice and we look behind at those who have our backs. We hold the prayers and good wishes and hopes of our supporters close. You could say it’s our song book.

As we walked the streets of Rome tonight in the glory of the architecture and history which surrounds us, we think about the historic nature of this synod. And we are so grateful to be here, in this moment, in this place, sharing it with you and raising our voices for reform!

Jeanie and Nancy

Jeanie McKibbon and Nancy Quan are friends from Calgary with a shared passion for good food, good wine, good community and knitting.

Rome Reflections Day 1 – CNWE members at Synod

Wisdom Sophia

October 1. As we come off of a 10 day relaxing but adventure filled tour of southern Italy along the Adriatic Sea, we begin to turn our thoughts and our intentions toward our week in Rome. Our faithful car we dubbed Rosa (because of all the rose we consumed on our tour) returned and we board our train into Rome with some trepidation but mostly excitement and anticipation. We eagerly look forward to the friendships we will deepen within our own group and new friends from around the world who have come to be counted. We anticipate standing shoulder to shoulder with the many reform groups “we are here-see and hear us.”

We come with a stance of joyful hopefulness and an expectation of good things. Tomorrow our Canadian contingent (9 of us) will gather in Rome after months of planning. We are extending an invitation of hospitality to the Canadian Synodal delegates to share a meal and dialogue, hopefully later in the week. A chance to listen and be heard over pizza!

The CNWE group will be providing daily posts on our activities in Rome from those with feet on the ground. We come with the prayers and hopes and dreams from our communities and beyond. We are so grateful. Andiamo.

Jeanie and Nancy

Jeanie McKibbon and Nancy Quan are friends from Calgary with a shared passion for good food, good wine, good community and knitting.